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News 2011-09-21

New Engish version of Cyklotrasy 2.25. News here. Download here.

News 2011-03-24

New Engish version of Cyklotrasy 2.23. News here. Download here.

News 2011-01-23

New Croatian map Makarska riviera, Biokovo. Download here.

News 2011-01-18

New Austrian map Stubai. Download here.

News 2010-12-08

New Polish map Beskid ¦laski. Download here.

News 2010-06-12

New Austrian map Salzkammergut (Solna komora). Download here.

News 2010-04-13

New Engish version of Cyklotrasy 2.19. History here. Download here.

News 2009-05-09

New English version of software and sites.

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2) Possible registration of software is only for its one instalation. Exception is instalation on desktop PC and notebook, which owner is one person.

3) The official dealer of software Cyklotrasy is "Stanislav Ubík - EAGLE Software". In Slovakia is also offical dealer "Tomas Cervenka". There are no other dealers.

4) The software Cyklotrasy is shreware. You can sahre it only in form which is on a product webpages.

5) Profiles, maps, itinerary and statistics generated by Cyklotrasy (don't matter if it's registered or unregistered version) can be shared only with caption "Generated by Cyklotrasy,"

6) It's prohibited to share edited maps without agreement with Cyklotrasy's developer.

7) It's prohibited to share registration informations.

8) It's prohibited to edit binary structure of software Cyklotrasy.

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